Weekend repairs of DVP include guiderails

This weekend (April 21-24), the City of Toronto will be conducting their annual spring maintenance of the Don Valley Parkway. The entire roadway will be shut down while repairs are being done.

The repairs being done on the DVP include resurfacing 14.3 lane kilometres of roadway, patching asphalt surfaces, inspecting 32 bridges for chipping and 17 bridges for structural problems, cleaning and repairing catch basins, and maintenance of signs, closed-circuit television, and vehicle detectors. The most important repairs, at least according to us here at SafeDrives, are the safety mechanisms — inspection of streetlights and the repair of 850 meters of guide rail.

The city will also be implementing timing changes to traffic signals to help deal with traffic flow for construction work being done throughout the city.

SafeDrives has claimed many times that municipalities need to do an audit of the safety mechanisms on its roads and repair all damaged or out of date equipment. Obviously, this is not a project done overnight. Annual or monthly road repairs are the perfect opportunity, however, to take a look at things like guide rails and determine their level of safety. That way, the city doesn’t have to spend millions of dollars replacing every safety mechanism on the road. They can work strategically, pairing the replacements with previously scheduled construction.

SafeDrives will be reaching out to the City of Toronto to find out what these “repairs” on the DVP will include. Will they be replacing out-of-date hardware with MASH-approved equipment or will they simply be tightening a few screws? Until then, we commend the City of Toronto for including safety hardware into their spring maintenance!

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